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Sandy the Squid

Helloooo. I do believe this poor community's been neglected a little.

Time to do some revival, Stat!

The Lake Monster is Still At Large. And it's high time something's finally done about it. Please @mail Scion with any interesting developments or curiosities you happen to want to know about. Renown awards will be doled out for all y'all RPers.

Also please do check the weather around Yellowstone (use a site like weather.com), as the climate there has turned very snowy and chilly, and you probably want your character to be dressing warmly. Or be furry. Either way, there's going to be ice and stuff out there, so be careful on the lake! (Well you should already be careful on the lake...)

Tourist season has ended awhile ago. Winter roads are in use (roads open towards the north traveling from Gardiner through the north-northeast part of Yellowstone). Land vehicles such as snowmobiles and whatnot require permits, etc. RP accordingly!

Let's begin setting a timeframe for the lake monster scenes. I will be available throughout the week for scenes if you require spirits for talens, NPC elders for battleplan discussions, and other such things. If you wish specific times, please @mail Scion with timeframes when you could be available.

OOCly speaking, please login and check your character's +sheet and +renown to see if they are set correctly and if there are any odd looking errors. If so, please report them to Milamber (if you see boxy type character code things that aren't supposed to be there).


December 2010



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