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War Planning Moot!

Hear ye, hear ye! A moot (read: general gathering of Garou, not an actual Moot Rite performed type moot) to plan for the battle against the Leviathan in the lake is to take place on Friday, February 9th (Pacific Standard Time, GMT -8; this means Saturday February 10th for UK or those over the International Date Line) for all to come together and discuss, meet and catch up. Assumably, the word has been passed onto the galliards and the galliards are passing word to those beyond. This moot is as stated, to catch everyone up on the current events of the forming sept and to ensure that the battle preparations are completed. This includes any talens that theurges or other Garou were planning to bring to said battle, or special spirit summonings, etc. that are planned to help the Garou fight the Leviathan. If it's not said IC, then no one will know!

This event is planned to go on All Day, taking place at the Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park room. (type 'nexus' then IC-lake) Available wizards will be around to RP as the NPC elders so you won't have an excuse to not have met them! In addition, this date will be our attempt to find out the best time to arrange for the actual Leviathan battle in the timeframe of the two weeks following. We will try to accomodate for timezones, work schedules and school schedules and work out when is the best time for the most people to come to the battle event. If you have special time preferences, do show up and add your input!


December 2010



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