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Heart of the Wyld recruiting ad

Heart of the Wyld MUSH is actively recruiting!

A Werewolf: The Apocalypse MUSH in the GarouMUSH tradition, set in Yellowstone Park and nearby Gardiner, Wyoming, in the present day.  While maintaining the high quality mature roleplaying environment, we do offer the following differences:

  • A more established wilderness setting.  Lupus characters are encouraged as much as Homid and Metis in this environment.
  • More Umbral adventures.  Things are not going nearly as badly in Gardiner as in Saint Claire, and it is not nearly as reckless to venture into the spirit world.
  • A wider power level curve.  Fosterns are accepted in new apps as a policy, and advancement is set to a faster pace.
  • Full character sheets are implemented.  While there were good reasons in 1993 to short-circuit dice-centric players by not having this, with a modern trusted player base this gives characters more ways to find and fill their niche.
  • Automatic advancement system.  Like in Eve Online, you designate the stat you want to improve or gift to learn, and you gain it after the appropriate amount of real time.  No favoritism, no voting systems, no bias towards certain roleplay styles, no character stagnation.
  • While the Garou are the focus, we are always open to interesting applications for supporting characters of other types in the old World of Darkness.  Vampires, other shapeshifters, Mages, or others, if you can convince us that your idea adds to the game.  There is no a priori cap on these kinds of characters.

And, what you expect from a quality MUSH:
  • Applications screened for quality, so that you can trust that new players have the tools they need to fit in and be fun roleplay partners a high percentage of the time.
  • Experienced and enthusastic wizards that are actively involved in playing the game.
  • Stories run by the wizards and encouraged from volunteers, both one shot and ongoing.
  • As with any young game, an opportunity to shape the style of the game.  Things aren’t nearly as nailed down, so maybe we’ll implement your pet idea!

We’re accepting applications now!  Major stories will start up with the new year.  Get a jump start, get to know your new PC.  Get some friends together and come in as a pack!  Try something different, or refine your old favorite concepts.  While not every i is dotted and t is crossed, we want to get people online, roleplaying, and having fun as soon as possible, and will be processing applications at an accelerated rate for the time being, especially for existing GarouMUSH players.  Don’t miss out!

Heart of the Wyld: elraver.com 6999.  Please feel free to log in as a guest and ask questions, any time!  And existing characters are all welcome to come back, no reapplication required.


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