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Dec. 22nd, 2010


HotW is Really Truly Back!

Howdy Folks! Heart of the Wyld, under the careful ministrations of our new head-wizard Ferro and the awesome new wizard Skittles, is back up and running. There are active players RP'ing, plots happening, ONS'es galore and more!

This is the real deal folks! Anything from before this point in the Live Journal should be considered old news and not exactly 'current' information unless it is substantiated with new postings here.

For example, there are some 'new characters' that are mentioned in postings here. As of yet, there are plenty of those characters that are not currently active. However, if they come back (and we hope they will!), consider them current information.

That said...

Enjoy the MUSH! (hotw.elraver.com 6999)
Enjoy the Wiki! (http://hotw.wikidot.com/)
Enjoy the original webpage! (http://www.elraver.com/wyldheart)
And of course, enjoy the LJ here!


Dec. 1st, 2007


Setting the Mood!

Want to know what it's like in the worlds first National Park?  Want to see where the Garou of Heart of the Wyld live, breathe and fight?  Here are just a few shots to inspire the mood and give you a feeling of what this beautiful area is like!    (Click on picture to get full size view.)







Heart of the Wyld recruiting ad

Heart of the Wyld MUSH is actively recruiting!

A Werewolf: The Apocalypse MUSH in the GarouMUSH tradition, set in Yellowstone Park and nearby Gardiner, Wyoming, in the present day.  While maintaining the high quality mature roleplaying environment, we do offer the following differences:

  • A more established wilderness setting.  Lupus characters are encouraged as much as Homid and Metis in this environment.
  • More Umbral adventures.  Things are not going nearly as badly in Gardiner as in Saint Claire, and it is not nearly as reckless to venture into the spirit world.
  • A wider power level curve.  Fosterns are accepted in new apps as a policy, and advancement is set to a faster pace.
  • Full character sheets are implemented.  While there were good reasons in 1993 to short-circuit dice-centric players by not having this, with a modern trusted player base this gives characters more ways to find and fill their niche.
  • Automatic advancement system.  Like in Eve Online, you designate the stat you want to improve or gift to learn, and you gain it after the appropriate amount of real time.  No favoritism, no voting systems, no bias towards certain roleplay styles, no character stagnation.
  • While the Garou are the focus, we are always open to interesting applications for supporting characters of other types in the old World of Darkness.  Vampires, other shapeshifters, Mages, or others, if you can convince us that your idea adds to the game.  There is no a priori cap on these kinds of characters.

And, what you expect from a quality MUSH:
  • Applications screened for quality, so that you can trust that new players have the tools they need to fit in and be fun roleplay partners a high percentage of the time.
  • Experienced and enthusastic wizards that are actively involved in playing the game.
  • Stories run by the wizards and encouraged from volunteers, both one shot and ongoing.
  • As with any young game, an opportunity to shape the style of the game.  Things aren’t nearly as nailed down, so maybe we’ll implement your pet idea!

We’re accepting applications now!  Major stories will start up with the new year.  Get a jump start, get to know your new PC.  Get some friends together and come in as a pack!  Try something different, or refine your old favorite concepts.  While not every i is dotted and t is crossed, we want to get people online, roleplaying, and having fun as soon as possible, and will be processing applications at an accelerated rate for the time being, especially for existing GarouMUSH players.  Don’t miss out!

Heart of the Wyld: elraver.com 6999.  Please feel free to log in as a guest and ask questions, any time!  And existing characters are all welcome to come back, no reapplication required.

Nov. 29th, 2007


Heart of the Wyld returns!

Greetings, Heart of the Wyld MUSHers!

As you surely know, attempts to get critical mass on the game earlier failed.  However, I've joined up to help try again.  We've basically got a built game, with all the necessary code and setting, ready to go.  We just need to start doing something with it.

Especially with the renewed activity on GarouMUSH, I think we can get this going.  I'd like to point out that, at least for me, I really like Garou and the wizards.  We plan on doing some things differently (or what's the point), and more on that later too, but this isn't at all a schism.  It's and, not or.

Come by and say hi!

elraver.com 6999 as always.


(I've got my HotW App in!)

Feb. 19th, 2007


Introducing Fiver

I thought I'd follow earlier example and introduce myself. One brand-shiny-new player on HOTW, and one utterly unshiney, grumpy, snarly Gnawer chewtoy looking to get IC.


Feb. 1st, 2007


War Planning Moot!

Hear ye, hear ye! A moot (read: general gathering of Garou, not an actual Moot Rite performed type moot) to plan for the battle against the Leviathan in the lake is to take place on Friday, February 9th (Pacific Standard Time, GMT -8; this means Saturday February 10th for UK or those over the International Date Line) for all to come together and discuss, meet and catch up. Assumably, the word has been passed onto the galliards and the galliards are passing word to those beyond. This moot is as stated, to catch everyone up on the current events of the forming sept and to ensure that the battle preparations are completed. This includes any talens that theurges or other Garou were planning to bring to said battle, or special spirit summonings, etc. that are planned to help the Garou fight the Leviathan. If it's not said IC, then no one will know!

This event is planned to go on All Day, taking place at the Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park room. (type 'nexus' then IC-lake) Available wizards will be around to RP as the NPC elders so you won't have an excuse to not have met them! In addition, this date will be our attempt to find out the best time to arrange for the actual Leviathan battle in the timeframe of the two weeks following. We will try to accomodate for timezones, work schedules and school schedules and work out when is the best time for the most people to come to the battle event. If you have special time preferences, do show up and add your input!

Dec. 30th, 2006



Heya! I wanted to first - say hi, I'm Fatima, the newest player and character. Second, I also wanted to make this community have December on its calendar. Thirdly, I wanted to say look: I have a log page (ish)! If for some reason one of the logs includes your character, and you don't want it public, just poke me and I'll lock the entry.

That's all, seeya IC. :)

Nov. 8th, 2006


Sandy the Squid

Helloooo. I do believe this poor community's been neglected a little.

Time to do some revival, Stat!

The Lake Monster is Still At Large. And it's high time something's finally done about it. Please @mail Scion with any interesting developments or curiosities you happen to want to know about. Renown awards will be doled out for all y'all RPers.

Also please do check the weather around Yellowstone (use a site like weather.com), as the climate there has turned very snowy and chilly, and you probably want your character to be dressing warmly. Or be furry. Either way, there's going to be ice and stuff out there, so be careful on the lake! (Well you should already be careful on the lake...)

Tourist season has ended awhile ago. Winter roads are in use (roads open towards the north traveling from Gardiner through the north-northeast part of Yellowstone). Land vehicles such as snowmobiles and whatnot require permits, etc. RP accordingly!

Let's begin setting a timeframe for the lake monster scenes. I will be available throughout the week for scenes if you require spirits for talens, NPC elders for battleplan discussions, and other such things. If you wish specific times, please @mail Scion with timeframes when you could be available.

OOCly speaking, please login and check your character's +sheet and +renown to see if they are set correctly and if there are any odd looking errors. If so, please report them to Milamber (if you see boxy type character code things that aren't supposed to be there).

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